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Academic Team is a great way to challenge your brain, meet new people and you’ll get the chance to travel to other Elementary Schools.  There are many ways you can participate on the Academic Team.  Academic Team is more than just Quick Recall.  We also need students for written assessment in:  Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Arts & Humanities.  We need a few good writers to help with Composition. We will also need a few good problem solvers for Future Problem Solving.

2015-2016 tryouts will be held Thursday, October 8.  

Click here for the tryouts permission slip.

Practices will be on Thursday afternoon’s from 2:35-4:30.

 If you would like to tryout please complete the attached permission form and return to Ms. Fister.

 Questions or concerns please contact…

Karen Fister, or 859-381-3521 ext. 25246

Emily Shell. or 859-381-3521 ext. 25231




 2014-2015 Results:

AT districts 2015 group

Congratulations to our Academic Team Champions for District.  First place in FPS and Quick Recall! So proud of all our students and their accomplishments!

Math: Angela/Ayush (1st), Max (5th)

Science: Angela (1st), Ralph/Max (3rd),

Social Studies: Jimmy (1st), Ralph (3rd)

LA: Preston (1st), Ana Maria/Adam (5th)

A&H: Angela (1st), Ayush (2nd), Mae (3rd)

Composition: Pratheeka (5th)

FPS: Emily, Sarah, Garett and Dori (1st)

Quick Recall: Adam, Ana Maria, Ayush, Dori, Halie, Jimmy, Krishna, Mae, Max, Preston and Ralph (1st)


Click here for the 2014-2015 schedule

 Past Results:

Aca Team with Shelton

Our Academic Team champions were recognized by Dr. Shelton and the Fayette County School Board on April 28th.  Congratulations team!


Congratulations to our 4th and 5th grade Academic Team and their success at the KAAC Regional Governor’s Cup competition on March 22nd!!!!!  This is a state competition in which our students competed against other Fayette County students. 


The day was a HUGE success for Meadowthorpe students.  In a true team effort the Mustangs brought home the Championship trophy winning first place in Fayette County. 


Congratulations to the following students and their medal accomplishments:

  • Lohith Tummula:  1st place Science and Math
  • Dylan Li: 2nd Place Mathematics
  • Angela Sun: 5th Place Science and 3rd Place Arts & Humanities
  • Pedro Storch: 1st Place Language Arts
  • Erin Stratton: 4th Place Language Arts
  • Malharr Nair: 1st Place Social Studies
  • Sitara True: 3rd Place Composition
  • Future Problem Solving: 1st Place- Jake Waits, Rob Gilligan, Jack Clements, Emily Wang and Sarah Ming
  • Quick Recall: 2nd Place: Juliann Hyatt, Rob Gilligan, Dylan Li, Malharr Nair, Jake Waits, Lohith Tummala, Robert Preston Mullins, Dominic Verry and Max Carlson.  








Gov CupWe had a successful day Saturday at our District Governor’s Cup competition!!  We won first place in Quick Recall, first place in FPS and first place champions overall.  Here is how the students scored individually...

Math: Dylan Li (1st), Angela Sun (2nd) and Lohith Tummala (3rd)

Science: Angela Sun (1st), Dylan Li (2nd) and Lohith Tummala (3rd)

Social Studies: Malhaar Nair (1st), Juliann Hyatt (2nd)

Language Arts: Erin Stratton (1st), Pedro Storch (2nd), and Connor Foley (3rd)

Arts & Humanities: Malhaar Nair (1st), Angela Sun (2nd) and Juliann Hyatt (3rd)

Composition: Sitara True (1st), Dallas Rager (2nd) and Erin Stratton (3rd)

FPS: Rob Gilligan, Jack Clements, Emily Wang and Jake Waits (1st).


All these students will advance to Regionals on March 22nd and will need to continue to attend practice on Wednesday afternoons. If you can help to proctor (supervise test takers) please let me know.

Way to go team!!!!

The Meadowthorpe Academic Team has been the overall winner in the Regional in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013!


Calling All 4th & 5th Graders

Academic Team


What: Governor’s Cup Academic Team

When: Wednesday, October 23rd

Where:  Meadowthorpe Elementary School

Time: 2:35-4:00

Click Here for the permission slip!!


2012-2013 Academic Team

Ms. Fister & Mr. Chesnes

Ac Team recognition

The Academic Team was recognized at the Fayette County Board Meeting on Monday, April 28th for winning the Governor's Cup.

WAY TO GO MUSTANGS! Check out the 2013 Governor's Cup results here!  Congratulations on a great season!




Here at Meadowthorpe School we have an Academic Team and Future Problem Solving Team for our fourth and fifth graders. Our guidelines are governed by Kentucky Association for Academic Competition. More information can be found at

Our Academic Team consists of several different categories:

Quick Recall: Similar in concept to the television “Jeopardy”.  Students answer questions based on Kentucky core content.  Team members use a buzzer system and try to beat the clock and the opposing team with the correct answer.

Written Tests: Written assessment features examinations in five content areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Language Arts

Composition: Students complete on demand writing activities.  They may be asked to write a personal narrative or defend a position.

Future Problem Solving: This is a four person team that participates in a six-step problem solving process to solve complex scientific and social problems of the future.  Seeks to increase awareness for the future and encourages creativity in students. This team of students will have an extra practice session each week.


Meadowthorpe will participate in:

  • Quick Recall scrimmages against other Fayette County Schools.  There will then be a Fayette county Quick Recall competition.
  • Governor’s Cup District and Regional Competition


For more information regarding our Academic Teams you may contact Karen Fister at school 859-381-3521 or or Donald Chesnes,





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